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The Story: In 1978, as a freshman studying music at North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, I was with a number of other music students in a music theory class waiting for the teacher to arrive. We each sat down at the piano and jammed some. NTSU is primarily a jazz-focused music school. Upon hearing what I was playing, one of the male students, a black saxophone player, stated out loud "Hey man, that ain't just funky...that's Bunky!"
The Focus: This Bunky web site will evolve from what it is today -- a very nice collection of Cool Links that let you browse almost any facet of music -- to an administration, publishing, and Internet delivery source for original music.
About Bunky's Founder: I am a Los Angeles-based composer and a member of AFM Local 47 and the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers (ASMAC). However, I haven't been active in the music scene as a composer for over 14 years. Instead, I have been involved as a co-founder in an information technology business, which I plan to exit in the year 2002.
It is the objective of Bunky.com to put the heart and soul back into the music that makes up the music industry. Please welcome and encourage us as we travel this journey to make people happy.
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